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From: Ishiuchi Maruyama March 27th 2012

Yesterday i decided to use up the ticket I won for Minamiuonuma by going to Ishiuchi Maruyama. The weather report said it was going to be warm and sunny so I expected spring.slushy conditions as this resort is very low. From the minute the sun came up, there wasn't a cloud to be seen in the sky. The weather was glorious!! I had been praying to the road gods that the dreaded devil road that is the Kan-Etsu expressway would play nice today after so many delayed attempts at getting to and from the mountains.....thankfully my child sacrifice seemed to have worked and we got there without a hitch through fast flowing traffic. Changing in the car parkm discarding most of the usual inner clothes I wear while boarding as it was so hot.

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my mate Paul camping it up.....

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afternoon beer's, Alpine style

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looking over towards Gala Yuzawa

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The snow was as expected, soft and slushy, even higher up. As the day wore on the upper mountain was starting to develop ice bombs and the bottom was more wet cement than slush puppy but I had a great time. A beautiful day, lots of snow, playing on the kickers and generally being out enjoying the world. I also got to try out my new board for the first time, a Salomon Powder Snake......yes, there was no powder to be had but damn what a fine board it is. Very flexy, playful and easy to throw around. Carves like a dream and for such a soft board, dampens the chatter really well whilst charging thru crud.

The only downside was getting a monumental case of sunburn across my lower face.........Mrs Tubby Beaver to be was not a happy beaver when she saw my Oompa-Loompa like, 2-tone Ford Capri 1983-esque face........."what about the wedding photos??!!" Yeah, thanks for the sympathy!! :D

Source: Ishiuchi Maruyama March 27th 2012

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