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April 13th 2015 weather update

After a brief sunny half day yesterday its back to rain today and indeed very heavy rain, currently just 4oC, with sleet and even bits of wet snow mixed with the rain.
Completely rubbish weather, tomorrow looks like being the same.

Hopefully from Wed or Thu onwards we might be in for a run of warm dry weather, finally.

After a very up and down...   Read Full Entry

Last go

I went to Maiko today for a couple of hours.
It was ok, but I think that's my season done now - the feeling has pretty much... gone.

Was an ok season I suppose.
December was mad of course, and spring has been long.
Not a huge amount of clear deep blue sky days in these parts.
Didn't get out of my area much. At all, actually. That wasn't the...   Read Full Entry

Update - What we are up to

Here we are in the middle of April with most ski resorts closed.

2014-2015 sure went quick didn't it?

But. It's not quite over yet. We will continue to update some of our daily Now reports right through until May 6th. Which is a Wednesday. More importantly, it's the last day of the famous 'Golden Week' holidays in Japan and the last day of...   Read Full Entry

Hunter Mountain Shiobara, Tochigi

Hadn't been to Hunter Mountain for years. Late season sunny day:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Mostly white gondolas with the HanTama character on them. A...   Read Full Entry

Free Myoko ticket anyone?

Due to unforeseen circumstances (namely a broken binding and board damage sustained at Hakuba last week), it looks as though I'm going to be unable to use my SJ Giveaway-winning ticket to Myoko!! :sadface: Rather than see this going to waste, does anyone want it?? It covers all the Myoko resorts, namely:-

Akakura Onsen Ski Area;
Akakura...   Read Full Entry

Day 33 March 22nd 2015 (Norikura, Nagano ken)

I went to Norikura, courtesy of Snow Japan, who I would like to thank for the tickets!
Norikura is a medium sized resort to the west of Matsumoto, Nagano, about 100k from my house, it took about 90 mins to get there, half motorway half small roads, that is the only option. It is not far from Kamikochi, and to get there from Matsumoto you have...   Read Full Entry

Teine revenge

the last time I went to Teine (possibly 4 or 5 years ago!) it was terrible! It was cloudy, windy and icy. Making for a horrible first experience of the resort for me and the mrs, hence the time delay before a return visit.

With things to do in the morning and the idea of an hour or so drive to my usual Kokusai stomping grounds seeming...   Read Full Entry

2015/16 model ski review

Well yesterday 1st March 2015, I went to Fujimi Panarama to try out next years new skis.
For 1000 yen you could try out any of the models they had a total of 60 skis available from the following makes


I tried out the following models :

Atomic Bluester...   Read Full Entry

Sapporo Kokusai Feb 28th 2015

After the recent crappy weather conditions I was in real need of a powder fix. We had planned on a trip to Rusutsu on saturday but the forecast wasn't very favourable so it was a tops up between the tried and tested Teine, which looked like it was gonna be pretty decent or head off to Sapporo Kokusai for the first time. The forecast for Kokusai...   Read Full Entry

Kusatsu 1Mar

Sunday morning was a better morning snow wise than Saturday. The car had about 3cms of snow on top. Nice dry powder. The kids weren't interested in going skiing though. Rika had sore legs (this becomes very important later) and James didn't want to ski if it wasn't sunny.
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Shiribetsu lost ski

My girlfriend was involved in an avalanche a couple days ago and ended up with some lost equipment, including:

Line Pandora ski (white bird and wood topsheet, blue bases) with Radical ST binding
Black Diamond pole (red and black, telescopic)
Nikon waterproof camera (blue/black)
Black cover mit
Purple glove (possibly inside black mit)
pink...   Read Full Entry

About Furano

If it doesn't snow much at all, which seem to be the case many years, what is the appeal?

(Serious question!)   Read Full Entry

Yamanashi Snow Walls

Ok thought I would start a new blog showing the snow walls around Kiyosato and my area.
To start with some snow walls from Sun Meadows in...   Read Full Entry

4th February 2015

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At last, first ski of the season

One reason and another it has been a late start - difficult to see all that snow in December missed!

But made it to Maiko in Niigata with the wife and kid, and here's my thoughts.


A few photos as well

The triple lift
...   Read Full Entry

Yuzawa Nakazato

Here's my review


And a few pics

Posted Image
...   Read Full Entry


Hadn't been to Iwappara for a while but good to go back there and glad to see the top right pair lift going...   Read Full Entry

Four die in avalanches in Nagano and Niigata

Please be careful out there guys. I was just up in Myoko last month. Whenever I've gone off-piste, I've always let someone know what are I'm heading to, in case of an emergency.


A series of avalanches claimed the lives of four skiers and snowboaders over the weekend on mountain slopes in Nagano and Niigata prefectures.

An avalanche Sunday...   Read Full Entry

Day 4 Sun 21st Dec 2014

After leaving Sun Meadows yesterday under heavy snow falling, I was looking forward to getting in some nice powder turns.
That however was not the case, because although it did snow heavy and in fact we got about 20cm of new snow, it actually turned to rain for the last hour, before stopping. It also snowed heavy here in Kobuchisawa before turning...   Read Full Entry

My 2014-2015 Season


As I am lucky enough to live fairly close to some fine snow places here in Niigata, I thought I'd try and share some of those places this winter.

And so here we are. Bit early yet. I'll probably be at least a month before I get out. But get out I will and I'll try to share some stuff.

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