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2014 Season Review

On the face of it my 2014 snowboarding season didn't amount to much, with a relatively low 13 days of riding. That figure looks a little better when spread across a 5-week period and including 11 resorts, 6 of which were first-time visits. But numbers don’t tell you the whole story, because I had a bloody great season! Here's my season...   Read Full Entry

Mt Granview/Kagura 9 Mar 2014

I though last weekend 1/2 Mar was going to be it for me this season, but I still keep checking the weather forecasts. It was forecast to snow most days from last Thursday till Tuesday. So I asked Mami nicely if I could go skiing on Wednesday. However she wasn't able to get time off, but she did say I could go on the weekend if I wanted.
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Mind The Gap

It's been about two weeks since an update. I've been doing a little traveling across the prefecture, so haven't really had the time to post anything here. Been to the mountain about 4 times since, and the conditions were great after our heavy two foot snow dump, but then melted the top layer and became garbage to ride on. Between going boarding...   Read Full Entry

From: Snow Dude's 2013-14 ski thread (Sun Meadows, Kiyosato, Yamanashi)

DAY 16 January 26th 2014 : Woke up this morning to light wet snow falling outside my house with no real accumulation.
Although it was snowing in Kobuchisawa it was dry going through Oizumi. As we approached Kiyosato snow was falling and it had been snowing for a while as there was about 3cm on the ground.

Conditions on the slopes were...   Read Full Entry

New Ski Boots!

Finally got my new boots! Found a good price for some Dalbello Scorpion SF 130's and had them shipped from the states. They are a perfect fit. I think I will try a mystery ski tour for the first day this season to warm up. Can't believe it's already January and I haven't skied yet!   Read Full Entry

Niseko October 2013

Following on from last weekend's jaunt to Tomamu, me and the missus decided to take a day trip on an old school steam locomotive to Niseko. It took about 3-4 hours to make the scenic trip from central Sapporo to Niseko station. It was the first time I've rode on an old style train and although trains aren't usually my thing, I have to admit that I...   Read Full Entry

Minamiuonuma in the summer sun

Lovely weather today in Minamiuonuma.
The mountains looked very clear and a beautiful contast with the blues and greens.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
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My weekend away

Ryuoo ski park is really charming. Thank you SnowJapan for the opportunity to try it out.

I was coming from Nagoya so it was a bit of a long haul but I really enjoyed the trip there as well.

For someone new to taking trains---I would recommend taking the Snow Monkey train from Nagano station all the way to Yudanaka.

From there, take the...   Read Full Entry

Mt Kosha Review - Kijimadaira; Yomase; X-Jam; Yamabiko no Oka

Mt Kosha Review

Posted Image

Who: London: 6am-10pm. Definitely No parking.
When: March 2nd and 3rd 2013
Where: Kosha? takaifuji? there were lifties even wearing norikura jackets. I honestly dont know where the hell i...   Read Full Entry

Something completely new coming soon

It seems like we have been talking about 'soon' for an age now, and the small group of people here working on the new version of SnowJapan certainly feel like we've been working full-on for such a long time now.

We're now going through all of...   Read Full Entry

Mt Granview. Living Your Dreams. Taste The Difference. (etc).

After muikabochi's report on Mt Granview....
.... it shot to the top of places I needed to visit, above more famous places like Hakuba and Hakuba.
As no doubt it did for most people...   Read Full Entry

Epic Day at Iowanopuri

Luke, Ryo, and I took a staff shred day at Iowanopuri. We got a pretty early start and luckily beat the crowd of people that flooded the backcountry today. The snow was extremely "surfy" which means that you don't really feel anything and have a floating sensation the entire...   Read Full Entry

Muikamachi Hakkaisan (Minamiuonuma) 2012 Review

Where?: Muikamachi, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.
When?: Saturday 21st January
Who?: ManInJapan with one friend.
Ticket Info: Reasonably priced at 3,500 for a 1day ticket, 3,000yen for a 5hr ticket or 2,500yen for a 3hr ticket. (All prices are for adults). There are also single lift coupons available too.
Accessbility:...   Read Full Entry

First sprinkling of snow on upper slopes of Nozawa

Earlier this week we saw the first snowfall of the season on the upper slopes of Nozawa.
Hardly any, and quickly gone, but snow all the same!   Read Full Entry


Well, seeing as there's no snow, we will have to make do with some pies.
But what a jolly good alternative they are.
Pity Japan doesn't do pies like back home.
Oh well.
But, as much as for myself as anyone else, I'll keep an eye on what I get up to this winter. When winter arrives. Not here yet, you see.
Until then!   Read Full Entry


This is all very new isn't it.
All of my skiing errors will be laid out bare here.
Need snow first though.   Read Full Entry

Will 11/12 be bottomless? Of course!

Howdy and welcome to my bit of the new Forums setup.
I think I'll post some stuff from here in Hakuba during the season.
That will be jolly won't it.
The big question is whether it will be bottomless this season. Or perhaps topless. Or both.
We shall see!   Read Full Entry

The Hakuba Gakuto Villa Giveaway

Hey, do you all remember that 3 day all inclusive stay at the Gakuto Villas in Hakuba that was in the SJ giveaways back in January? Well, how about that... I won it. My wife and daughter were tickled and couldn't wait to stay at some place other than our regular handful of "low budget" Hakuba lodgings.

So, after hashing out the...   Read Full Entry

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