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Rubbish weather again

Yesterday was looking promising when the sky got really black around 4pm and it started puking snow, in fact a full on blizzard, after just 10 mins started to get a nice covering and then as happens every time this season the snow suddenly stops and the sky clears. WTF!!!!!
And so we are again today with more bloody sun no new...   Read Full Entry

Grandeco, Fukushima 2016.2.6

"I want to go to Fukushima!" declared the kid. Don't have to twist my arm to get me to agree to that, so off we went. Due to the kid's commitments we'd gone to ski areas in other prefectures so far this season, but this was totally free time, so back to home ground.

This is also the first time we've been out since the season got...   Read Full Entry

Weekend at Kusatsu

Weekend at Kusatsu

Last weekend was the first of two planned weekends at Kusatsu this year. Last week was spent hitting the refresh button on the SnowJapan Kusatsu weather page. The forecast looked good, initially heavy snow on Friday night, the snow then moved to Saturday night and decreased to moderate. Still better than nothing.

So Friday...   Read Full Entry

Feb 3rd 2016 Day 9 (Kurumayama)

My daughter's school is off this week so we decided to go skiing today.
We went to Kurumayama, she liked it last year and wanted to go again.
I have written a review on this resort before so not going to bother doing again.
The weather was sunny all day, and nice and cold, maxed out at -5oC so the snow kept in good condition all day.
The big...   Read Full Entry

Backcountry skiing on TV

So, seems to me that recently there has been a LOT of tv coverage on backcountry skiing/boarding and how it's becoming more popular and how there have been many injuries and rescues lately (someone died in Gunma last week, a group of 6 Australians got rescued from somewhere too...).

Hope all of this coverage and warnings on tv and footage of...   Read Full Entry

Woh, I'm going to Grandeco!

My one and only Fukushima ski-jo experience to date was an enjoyable daytrip to Inawashiro three winters ago. Assisted by the introduction of the new Grandeco Daily Reports, I've been thinking about a return visit this season and after an aborted attempt over the New Year, have finally pulled the trigger on a Tokyo nightbus trip leaving tomorrow....   Read Full Entry

Kagura 24th Jan

With this forecasted storm I decided to hit Kagura again this week, originally though I wanted to go on Friday as I was off work and I fancied some uncrowded slopes, however plans changed and I went on Sunday instead. I'm happy I did. The forecasted storm seemed to have scraed people off from going as it wasn't as busy as Kagura was last week....   Read Full Entry

TR: ipps 2016 Daily meanderings


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2014, where we last left our intrepid hero was a wash. 6 months in "amazing" thailand, followed by a year in an endless cloud of pollution put the skids on the old mojo. Fast forward to 2015 and DESPITE living within an hours...   Read Full Entry

And the rabbits name was...

So whatchoo up to? Its day 3 on planet niseko and so far so good. Action packed days and all but empty annupuris. Its been a bit of a blast if im honest.

This week then, wait for the winds to die down, hope for a bit more snow, and maybe even creep up beyond the jumbo quad. More to come... but not in this thread. This thread is the general chat...   Read Full Entry

Mild winter

You can say that again!

The Phone Box on 14th January 2016

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Two new brand new daily 'Now' reports on SnowJapan

We are always interested in seeing if we can add to our exclusive daily reporting on SnowJapan.

The main barrier to adding new 'Now' reports is finding people able to take on the responsibility and at the same time agree to our rather strict guidelines and requirements! (No marketing hats allowed.)

Our daily reports are read by a very...   Read Full Entry

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone. As we watched the fireworks the snow started to fall and the groomers were running up and down the hill ready for the new years day onslaught. First tracks might be ok in the morning but with everything shut in town i wonder if everyone will be skiing.
Best wishes for the new year and still doing the snow dance for...   Read Full Entry

Going to try and keep a record...

Looks like next winter will be my last in Japan :(
But that I'll have lots more time to play with as well :)
Cunning plans start now!   Read Full Entry

Kagura, 2nd May

Decided to be silly and get up to Kagura with a group of friends.

It was crowded, massively disappointed that it wasn't deep fresh snow conditons, but I enjoyed this last day of the season anyhow.
Go with expectations suitably adjusted!

Still a lot of snow there to play in.

It was HOT!!!!!!

Went to Ninjintei...   Read Full Entry

Day 33 March 22nd 2015 (Norikura, Nagano ken)

I went to Norikura, courtesy of Snow Japan, who I would like to thank for the tickets!
Norikura is a medium sized resort to the west of Matsumoto, Nagano, about 100k from my house, it took about 90 mins to get there, half motorway half small roads, that is the only option. It is not far from Kamikochi, and to get there from Matsumoto you have...   Read Full Entry

2015/16 model ski review

Well yesterday 1st March 2015, I went to Fujimi Panarama to try out next years new skis.
For 1000 yen you could try out any of the models they had a total of 60 skis available from the following makes


I tried out the following models :

Atomic Bluester...   Read Full Entry

Shiribetsu lost ski

My girlfriend was involved in an avalanche a couple days ago and ended up with some lost equipment, including:

Line Pandora ski (white bird and wood topsheet, blue bases) with Radical ST binding
Black Diamond pole (red and black, telescopic)
Nikon waterproof camera (blue/black)
Black cover mit
Purple glove (possibly inside black mit)
pink...   Read Full Entry

About Furano

If it doesn't snow much at all, which seem to be the case many years, what is the appeal?

(Serious question!)   Read Full Entry

Yamanashi Snow Walls

Ok thought I would start a new blog showing the snow walls around Kiyosato and my area.
To start with some snow walls from Sun Meadows in...   Read Full Entry

4th February 2015

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