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Lift ticket price increases

TubbyBeaverinho's Photo TubbyBeaverinho 25 Oct 2014

So it's the same then cos u get the 500¥ back, eh?

sapporo's Photo sapporo 25 Oct 2014

¥5,500 for day ticket + ¥500 for IC Card = ¥6,000. Then when u go home u get ¥500 back for the IC Card

TubbyBeaverinho's Photo TubbyBeaverinho 26 Oct 2014

Ah ok......gotcha :thumbsup:

tokabochi's Photo tokabochi 27 Oct 2014

Interesting how some places introducing them and others taking them away (like Nozzle).

stemik's Photo stemik 30 Oct 2014

reason being is that the system to operate the ic cards is very expensive. Most ski areas are on a contract from Fujitsu or Hitachi etc.. they are not cheap to run.
I think they work well with resorts that have different owners then all the data can be gathered to see how they split the payments. More accurate than using a clicker.

muikabochi's Photo muikabochi 31 Oct 2014

Don't you just love the clickers though!

Mr Wiggles's Photo Mr Wiggles 31 Oct 2014

They should use an existing system like pasmo, felica, waon, or edy.
If its affordable to install that kind of system in a drinks vending machine, I'm sure a ski lift can afford it.

TubbyBeaverinho's Photo TubbyBeaverinho 31 Oct 2014

*sucking of teeth* musakshii desu ne!!


CalvinO's Photo CalvinO 09 Nov 2014


I hear that a few times a day in my office.