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PLEASE READ: Forums - Welcome & Guidelines [Updated 24th Nov 06]

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If you are new to Snow Japan and the Snow Japan Forums – a big welcome! We hope you’ll find the site to be a fun place as well as being a big help in you getting the most out of the Japanese winter.

There is a huge amount of information to be found on the pages of Snow Japan and the Forums – ranging from basic information for each resort, feature articles and interviews to a huge library of information that has been submitted by our readers. So before posting a new general question, please check out the site and these Forums to make sure that the answer to your question isn’t already there! We're not trying to discourage you to post - just that you try to do a bit of checking around first before posting very general questions that have probably already been covered in some detail.

You will very probably find the Snow Japan Forum experience to be a fun and informative experience. In order to be able to enjoy using the Forums and join in the community here, please read the following rules and guidelines:

One of the reasons that we require you to register before you can post is so that we can try to keep troublemakers away from the Forums as much as possible. It's not always easy to do that but we certainly try to give people the benefit of the doubt. So when you register, please refrain from putting Nationality as "Martian", location as "Making sausages" or other such 'witty' comments on the form - you simply won't get your registration approved if you do that. It's not that we don't have a sense of humour - we do, honest - it's just we're trying to maintain the quality of the forums and that's not the best way to introduce yourself!

For similar reasons, another thing that we ask new users to refrain from is trying to register multiple times using different usernames. It looks suspicious and the registrations will more than likely not get approved.

In an effort to avoid spammers signing up to our forums solely for the purpose of using the Private Messaging (PM) functionality to spam members (people actually do that, you know), when you first sign up to the forums that Private Message functionality is not immediately available to you..... you need to make some posts on the forums before you can use PM's.

If you find yourself having made lots of posts but PMs are still not available to you, please email us to let us know and we'll look into it.

Please note that we do not allow any kind of advertising or business promotion on the Snow Japan Forums – whether it be a blatant ad or a sneaky try to get your info out there. If you post something that we consider to ‘cross the line’, we will delete it. (And just to be very clear, we make the decision as to what 'crosses the line' and what doesn't).

If it is your first post, we may also delete your account as well. It is very rare that we do delete things – we really don’t want to – but if we do take any such action, we have good reason to... and so please do not post new threads or posts questioning our actions - you will be banned if you do that. If you have a problem, you can email us about it rather than cause a fuss on the Forums (but we don't usually enter into discussions about these things as it simply takes up too much time that we could otherwise use to improve the site).

If you are interested in promoting something to our large readership, please contact us and we can discuss it. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please do not think of the Snow Japan Forums as simply a convenient place to spread the word about other websites. Links to outside websites within relevant discussions are often acceptable, but posts of the nature “This is a cool site, check it out (insert URL here)" are not allowed - however well-meaning the initial intention.

It's not often but occasionally there have been some cases where people have started hurling abuse and insults at other members or even businesses. We do not want that kind of thing to happen here - it does not belong on these Forums. If we feel that someone goes too far in this respect, we will (without warning) take away their posting rights on the Forums for a period of time that we see fit. We do not want to have to take that kind of action, but if we feel it is for the good of the Forums in general, we will. If anyone feels they have something to report to us, just mail us at the usual address or click on the “Report Post” link you can find under every post.

It is very rare that messages and threads get deleted or closed. However, if a thread or post is edited/deleted/closed by SJ Moderators, it is done because we feel that there is a good reason for that to happen. We only take such actions after careful thought and considering our own guidelines. We ask that you please accept such decisions and do not post a new thread or messages questioning those decisions and our general policies. We will not discuss these issues on the Forums in public and we will delete any threads and posts discussing these policies. We accept that you may not agree with certain decisions that we make, but please realize that they are not up for public discussion. You are of course welcome to contact us by email if you have any questions or problems.


For more about our Forum rules, guidelines and disclaimers, please visit the Forums User Agreement here:


Anyway - you will find the SJ community to be a very friendly one (most of the time! ;\) ) and if you do post a specific question no doubt you will get a very good response from readers.

Thanks and enjoy the Forums.



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