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Posting 'spam' on these Forums

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There are three kinds of 'spam' - or what we classify as spam - that we deal with.

The first is the usual meaningless junk spam that has nothing to do with Japan winter sports.
We have a number of systems in place that filter through that and happily for the most part it doesn't get through.

The second kind is from companies or individuals that register an account on here and then proceed to post what is often a blatant advertisement along with marketing-speak and links to their website. Usually never to be seen again.

The third kind is an altogether more sneaky way of going about things.... 'I highly recommend these guys', 'you can find their info here', etc when it turns out people are pretending to be someone they are not and in fact recommending themselves or their friends. The stories we could tell....

Many of these instances are people who do not actually take part in the Forums, don't seem interested in taking part and are simply here with the intent to push their message.

Most people seem to be able to discuss things on here just fine without this being a huge issue.
Is our general policy of not allowing business links etc perfect? No, it isn't.
But it is interesting how the people who dislike it most are almost always the ones who have that message and want to get it out.

We totally realise that there is an increasing number of businesses out there that are interested in getting their message out to our readership.
After all, a lot of people read these pages and they are generally pretty well targeted to the message.

But if you really are interested in promoting your business to our readership, then please go about it the right way - contact us and we will tell you what we can offer you.

Please do not come on here thinking that you can post your promotional messages freely.
We work hard to create and develop as good a site as possible. Some people, somehow, seem to be under the impression that we owe them a free advertising platform - they are mistaken as we simply do not.

This is not a post asking people to advertise on SnowJapan.
It is a post asking people not to post spam on here.

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