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Avie at Kanko

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Was speaking with an Aussie girl at Seki Onsen today that told me yesterday her boyfriend and his mate set off an avie at Kanko when riding an area near those barriers under the 2nd quad if I understood correctly, with pillows and it came down the slope and buried her to knee height. I didnt glean any additional info from her re size, type etc. They had no avie gear and no awareness of what could have happened and was flppant about the whole thing. Im thinking that's why patrol were so active in that area yesterday.
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No doubt. That is one of the areas I was talking about before. There are avalanche barriers there for a reason. It was only a few years ago that an avalanche took out the top lift at Suginohara. People are stupid and going to cause accidents. There are so many places to ride slack country in Myoko so no reason to come down such a dangerous place.
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Hmm I am guilty of getting air off those barriers earlier this season - but wouldn't have touched that face with conditions being what they were last weekend.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure there was a big slab came off Naeba this Sunday. The big gully skiers right under the top of #2 Gondola. I only saw it from the bus on the way home, so no details, but it looked like a pretty massive crown fracture - maybe 70 meters... SE aspect baking in the sun all morning after a big dump and lost of wind Saturday. Lots of tracks leading into it too

Also cornices breaking off at th slightest touch from 1-2 meters away

Be careful out there folks, it's a pretty nasty cycle at the moment

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