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Road Trip!

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Hey guys,

Long time no see! Well the winter has been super busy for me, but all is well.

My friend and I are planning a road trip from Hokkaido to Kyushu. If anyone has any reallllly cool spots that are a must to check out please let me know. This can include super secret local spots, good food places, favorites, cultural spots, etc. Anything you think would be cool to see. I've done a lot of the Kyoto-Tokyo-Osaka stuff but we have access to a car and plan on taking it anywhere and everywhere. We are definitely looking more for adventerous stuff so if you want to take us out cliff jumping or meet up for a beer and show us your local spot please let me know! I'd love to meet anyone I can and if it's convenient experience something cool in every part.

Thanks guys, and sorry about the disappearing act from this winter :)
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There's a really brilliant tonkatsu restaurant in central Sanjo I'd recommend.

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Now that's what I call a road trip!! How long are you giving yourselves to reach Kyushu and do you have a route in mind? I've just spent a long weekend in Tohoku which I can recommend:- http://www.snowjapan...trip-to-tohoku/

I wonder if the river-rafting in Minakami (Gunma-ken) has started yet? & how about checking out what matsuri are being held plus there'll be lots of hanami action to be had en route I reckon!

& there's always Gassan in (Yamagata-ken)! Or for that matter, Mt Granview!!!

Decisions, decisions! :D
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Hey man! Was good to run into you at Teine today!

If you have time, cycling the Shimanamikaido between Onomichi, Hiroshima pref, Honshu and Imabari, Ehime pref, Shikoku is beautiful. It's about 80km, a series of bridges linking a load of islands which has a well marked cycle trail. The Iya valley in Shikoku (Kochi pref?) is beautiful and would have spots for cliff jumping.

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