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SnowJapanForums Guidelines - The Basics

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Welcome to our new Forums.

The Forums may have had a complete overhaul (at the time of writing), but our Guidelines and the way we run things remain pretty much the same as they have been over the years. While we will soon be discussing and considering any possible changes, here's the bottom line regarding our Guidelines. More detailed explanations (previous topics) can be found below.


The basic guidelines

We don't edit/delete many posts on here. We'd much prefer not to and let everyone get on with things and enjoy using the Forums. The reality is that almost all Members don't cause a fuss, and close to 100% of posts remain 'as posted'. Only at the times when we feel something needs to come down do we do anything, and it's not something we want to do or enjoy.

But here's the main points we'd like to make:

Be friendly
Generally the SnowJapanForums are a very friendly place, and we like that. We think most other Members like that too. Disagreements and even arguments are perfectly fine. However, strong insults, fights, obvious consistent trolling and generally going over the line simply doesn't belong here. If that's the way you do things then perhaps these Forums are not for you. So please let's keep it at least good-mannered - towards other members and also the moderators.

No advertisements, promotions or classifieds
Please do not come on here trying to promote your business, website, blog or whatever. These forums aren't about promoting business. Anything that we consider to cross the line will be taken down. If you have access to the Private Messenger system, don't try to use that for any kind of promotions either. [Of course we do not check Private Messages but there are automated systems in place to alert us to any misuse.] If you do wish to promote your hotel or business on SnowJapan, please contact us and we will let you know how you can do that.

Please do not post links to commercial sites. It's up to us what can and can't be linked to from this website. For more info on our policy please check the link below. If you want to post a link that you think is 'borderline' regarding our policies, please give us a shout. We are easier than ever to contact by using that 'Contact' link at the top right of every page of the Forums.

Don't come on here specifically asking for links either, for obvious reasons!

Don't hassle the moderators
We are pretty thick-skinned most of the time. But we put a huge amount of effort into these Forums and our website, and so naturally we don't take too kindly to continued insults and over-the-top sarcasm directed towards us. If we do something you don't like - like deleting one of your posts for doing something that goes against our Guidelines - you can contact us if you wish. We have of course heard all of the main 'complaints' plenty of times before... flying off the handle at us is not going to make us more likely to do what you want us to do. Don't mistake this as meaning that we are not open to listening to ideas on changes... because we most certainly are. We welcome comments and ideas. And if we have genuinely made a big mistake, we will usually be very happy to admit it in public.

Unfortunately, as we are busy always trying to improve our websites we do not have the time to actively communicate with people who sign up and instantly post things that go against the basic guidelines that you need to agree to before registering. So please read them before making those first posts. Thank you!

If you don't like the way we run things...
We accept that we can't be everything for everyone and some of you may not like the way we run things, other members, ... or whatever. That's fine. But if you simply can't post here without keeping to the above Guidelines, then please just don't post on these Forums.

Please note that in order to prevent spam and advertising on the Forums - for the benefit of everyone not interested in posting such things - you will need to verify your email address before posting and initial posts are moderated before appearing online.

We hope you enjoy using the Forums.


Here's a more in-depth post that was made a few years ago, and still applies today

Main links policy:


Thank you.
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